Choosing the Correct Door Closer

Doors are usually damaged because of wear and tear. With a door closer, early damage to the door can be prevented.

A door closer is a mechanical device that automatically closes the door in a controlled manner after it was opened. They are now widely used as fire prevention and security device. It also prevents the door from slamming and over swinging.

With these important functions of a door closer, it is necessary to take extra caution when buying for your office, business space, or even your home. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a door closer.

Weight and Door Size


There are many types of doors. Wood, glass, steel, and aluminum are the more common types. All have specific requirements which should affect your choice of a door closer. The door size also matters as some door closers can be efficient with specific door sizes only. Another factor is the weight of the door. The heavier the door, the more that the door closer should be made from sturdier materials.

Door Closer Type

Door closers can also be floor spring, slide arm, or transom. The floor spring is usually used with glass doors. It is fitted on the floor. The slide arm are usually used in hospital and school doors because of their efficient linear force. On the other hand, the transom is fitted above the door frame.



How frequent a door is used can be because of its location. External doors or those leading to the outside may be more frequently used than those in the inside. If you have an office that is frequented by many clients through an external door, you may need a door closer that can handle multiple use during the day, otherwise, it can give way any time soon. External doors are also subjected to the elements like the strong winds. This makes it logical for external doors to have stronger door closers.

Budget can play an important role in your choice of a door closer. The more technologically advance a door closer is, the more expensive it may get. Knowing your purpose can also get you to the right door closer. Considering all these can mean that you are going home with the right door closer.…

Yellow Door

Are All Doors Created Equal?

The short answer is NO. There are many types of locks including the different types of door locks. However, if you don’t have a high, sturdy door, it doesn’t matter what kind of lock you have. If someone can kick a hole in the door, the lock is not necessary. The main difference between doors is the material that they are made of and if they are solid or hollow core. In commercial buildings, the doors are usually 1-3/4″ thick for the outside and inside alike and are usually a solid core door. For residential homes the doors should be a solid core for exterior doors and hollow core doors for the inside would be acceptable. For this article, I am going to discuss residential doors. Commercial doors get a little more complicated because they must be fire rated.

Hollow core doors

Block doorThese are constructed of wood with a 2×2 frame with some bracing in between; between the bracing, some manufacturers put cardboard waffling to make it seem a little more solid. The area around the lock gets a larger wood bracing to help secure it. These doors are usually used on the interior of homes and should never be used as an exterior door.

Solid wood doors

As the name suggests they are made of solid wood usually pine or oak, however, any wood can be used. For the high-end decorative forms, it is a solid piece of wood, some have decorative glass. Most of the solid wood doors are made of a less expensive type of wood for the inside and then covered with an oak veneer. These doors should be used for the exterior of homes.

Steel doors

As the name suggests these are constructed out of steel. To keep the weight down the door is framed in wood and wrapped in steel. The edges are usually double thick, and they are interlocked with the front and rear panels. Like anything, steel care must be taken so that these doors don’t rust. In homes, you might find these in the garage or rear of the home.

Fiberglass doors

TBlue doorhese have come on strong in the last few years. They are usually a solid core door; they can be decorated with glass inserts, like a word door. Unlike wood and steel, they will never rot, rust, or swell. Some are made to look like wood and once painted it is hard to tell the difference. They make excellent exterior home door…