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Types Of Windows For Your Home

Exterior windows play a significant role in enhancing the appearance of a house. Well-designed window provides functionality regarding allowing air and sunlight in the house and also enhance its appeal. Nowadays, there are many different types of windows available. They may differ regarding their design, style and the material from which they may be made.

The main ones include

Awning windows

windowsThese are the most popular wooden windows. They maximize the amount of air and light inside the structure. They are perfect for areas where air and light are considered necessary. They also ensure privacy. A unique feature of these windows is that they can be installed in some places. They fit perfectly above terrace or patio doors and can also be installed alongside other windows to ensure maximum penetration of air and light. However, while installing these windows, it is important to choose a secure location. These create large gaps when left open and may hence present various kinds of security issues. When installing these windows at high locations, it is also recommended to choose self-cleaning glass in order to minimize future cleaning hassles.

Casement window

Wooden flush casement windows can easily be recognized since they open in an outward direction, thereby allowing air and light into the structure. This seal tightly when closed and hence offer better energy efficiency which helps in reducing electricity costs. The flush casement windows also offer ease of operation as they include a sliding rail mechanism. This mechanism bears the window weight and hence provides ease of opening and closing. These windows can be seen in most modern homes and are preferred by most homeowners due to how they function and east to operate.

Double hung window

These windows usually open half way. This feature limits their ability to maximize air and light in the structure. They are not energy efficient and hence not preferred by many homeowners. However, since they do not occupy much exterior space, they are suitable for exterior areas like patios and walkways. These are very easy to repair and clean and hence prove to be convenient.

Bay window

arched windowsThese windows are the favorite of architects. These allow them to create projections and angles on buildings & also allow light penetration from the various angles. They have lateral panels that may be opened to allow air to flow inside the structure. These are commonly used in family rooms and kitchens and are devoid of screens. Bay windows can significantly enhance the appearance of flat walls by adding dimension to them.…